48V 10ah China Battery Rear Rack Lithium Battery with Tail Light

48v 10ah chinese cell rear rack lithium battery with rear light  48V JL Lithium batteryBattery Material Lithium ion 18650  Lithium ion 18650   Lithium ion 18650    2400mah   Samsung 29E   LG 3200  &nb

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48v 10ah chinese cell rear rack lithium battery with rear light 

48V 10ah Chinese Cell Rear Rack Lithium Battery with Rear Light
48V JL Lithium battery
Battery Material Lithium ion 18650  Lithium ion 18650   Lithium ion 18650  
  2400mah   Samsung 29E   LG 3200     
  FST 2400mah   Samsung 2900mah   LG 3200mah  
  Nominal Voltage   48V   48V   48V  
  Rated Capicaty   10Ah   12Ah   13Ah  
  Pack Dimension    L453*H60*W163mm   L453*H60*W163mm   L453*H60*W163mm  
  Internal Impedance   ≤100mΩ   ≤100mΩ   ≤100mΩ  
  Max Charge Voltage   54.6V   54.6V   54.6V  
  Max Charge Current   3A   3A   3A  
  Min Discharge Voltage   39V   39V   39V  
  Rated Discharge Current   15A   25A   25A  
  Max Discharge Current   25A   40A   40A  
  Charging Mode   CC/CV   CC/CV   CC/CV  
  Pack Weight   About 3.8kg   About 3.8kg   About 3.8kg  
  Over Current Protection    30A   45A   45A  
  Cycle Life   1000cycles   1000cycles   1000cycles  
  Charge Temperature   0-45ºC   0-45ºC   0-45ºC  
  Discharge Temperature   -20-55ºC   -20-55ºC   -20-55ºC  
  Certificates   CE   CE   CE  
  Motor Max   500W   1000W   1000W  

Detailed Pictures for 48v 10ah rear rack lithium battery li ion battery for electric bicycle conversion kit and electric bike 
48V 10ah Chinese Cell Rear Rack Lithium Battery with Rear Light

48V 10ah Chinese Cell Rear Rack Lithium Battery with Rear Light

1. The assembly cells for this ebike lithium battery  is Lithium ion 18650  Samsung 2600mah cell The best choice for ebike.

2. The matched charger is 48V 2A charger 

3. Only a quarter of the weight of lead-acid batteries.

4. Life expectancy is two times that of lead-acid batteries.

5. No memory effect and rechargeable.

6. Key Switch and ON/OFF switch 

7. Built-in IC chip will prevent battery pack over charge, over discharge, over-current, over-heat, short circuit and prolongs battery life.

8. The internal pack is stabilized by braces.

9. Avoiding mechanical accidents caused by vibration.

 Waterproof charging port

11. if you need , we can do the controller built in battery case for you .

12.High quality rear tail light

1. Waterproof and Solid plastic Case
2. FST cell , LG cell, Samsung cell , Panasonic cell for you to choose 
3. Convenient Charge Port
4. Lock with Keys securely locks the mount on bike frame

Our Advantages:
1) Environmental friendly
2) High density of energy
3) Light weight
4) Low self-discharge
5) Low internal resistance
6) Long cycle life, chargeable up to 1000 times
7) No memory effect
8) Doesn't contain Mercury, No fire, No explosion, No leakage
9) BMS for battery over charge, over discharge, short circuit protection.
100% quality test before shipping.

Warranty Instructions:
1.We provide 2 years Warranty.
2.Warranty code: quality problems, defective goods can be fixed or replacement; Man-made damage, inflowing water, fault operation leading to short circuit or burning, damaged by carrier is out of our warranty.
3.Goods should be returned in original condition to qualify for a replacement or repair.


Storage, Maintenance and Transportation for battery:

1. When the battery is to be stored a long time, please charge your battery for a half saturated status, and must be charge it each two months.
2. The battery must be stored on a clean, dry, and ventilated place. Avoid contact with the corrosive materials, and must be away from the fire source and heat source.
3. The storage temperature conditions for battery:
1 year: -20ºC- 25ºC
3 months: -20ºC- 45ºC
1 month: -20ºC- 65ºC
4. The battery must be packed into boxes for transport. In transit, the boxes cannot be vibrated, impacted, and pressed, and avoid the sun and rain. You can use some vehicle for transport, such as cars, trains, ships, aircraft, etc.
48V 10ah Chinese Cell Rear Rack Lithium Battery with Rear Light
48V 10ah Chinese Cell Rear Rack Lithium Battery with Rear Light

Our services:
In-sale Services:
1.Try our best to satisfy every customer's reasonable demand;
2.Stay in touch with our clients during installation;
3.Cooperate friendly with client and satisfy our clients with best quality electric bike .
After-sale Services:
1.Provide 2-year guarantee for normal products free;
2.If problems are appeared during use, we will send replacement parts as soon as you send fault parts to check.

Packing Terms:
Material : Carton box with bubble bag
Package size : 50cm*20cm*20cm
Weight : 5kg
For big order, we can also put four batteries in one box, or using pallets to pack them, which can protect the products from damage.

Delivery time:
We will arrange produce your order as soon as possible after payment received.
If we have stock, it can be shipped in 3-5 working days.
If there's no stock, it will be shipped in 15 working days.
For big order, the delivery time is 25-30 working days.

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48V 10ah Chinese Cell Rear Rack Lithium Battery with Rear Light


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