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2022-09-10 12:45:56 By : Ms. Gabriella Guo

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The great outdoors is calling. After what felt like an eternity in lockdown limbo, many of us are developing a new appreciation for outdoor adventures. But if you haven't trekked through nature in a while (or if you're a total newbie), you should have the right gadgets and emergency items on hand to make your experience both fun and safe.

We've rounded 15 great items that'll make your next excursion way more comfortable, and they're all an extra 15% off before Black Friday when you apply code SAVE15NOV at checkout.

This entirely waterproof inflatable light self-inflates within seconds. Featuring four brightness modes, this portable light is perfect for any occasion.

This solar-powered battery bank is the ultimate getaway necessity. Featuring a wireless charging station you can use it to keep your devices charged, and when the sun goes down use the floodlight to illuminate your surroundings.

Forget the added weight of ice that takes up valuable cooler space and leaks making a mess in your car or tent. You can keep food and drinks dry and cool (or even frozen) with this powerful solar-powered cooler. 

No camping trip can start without reliable shelter and this tent is all you need for up to half a dozen happy campers. Not only is it comfortable and spacious, but the popup design sets up instantly and breaks down in minutes.

One of the best parts of camping is cooking on the grill. The Homping portable charcoal grill delivers delicious charcoal-grilled flavor with less smoke and while only using approximately eight briquettes an hour.

The Q-Max waterproof flashlight delivers reliably bright light whether you're on the road or in need of a light at home. 590 lumens are bright enough to light any house or apartment, or even the spooky woods at night.

When you're ready to trade in the tree stump for something a little more comfortable, a portable camping chair is in order. Take this compact, comfortable chair on your next camping trip or even to an outdoor concert, park, or tailgating adventure.

This waterproof LED headlight is perfect for any weather conditions. The adjustable base tilts forward and backward making it ideal for any and all outdoor activities, from searching for firewood to walking your dog. 

The GoSun is an all-weather solar-powered cooker. Even on cloudy, rainy days, the GoSun can prepare a meal for up to five within an hour. If you find yourself cooking at night, the oven can be powered by any 12V source.

Waterproof, windproof, UV proof, triple-layered, and designed for the modern camper. This highly portable SUV tent goes wherever your vehicle can and provides maximum space and comfort right off the back of your SUV.

The EcoFlow is the ultimate power supply for the camper that needs to stay connected. The power station charges up to 10 devices at once, and the modular design features a lighter, more portable option. Or, you can attach the spare battery to double the power capacity.

The 10 essentials kit is stocked with emergency and survival supplies to protect you from worst-case scenarios. The name comes from the National Parks Services 10 essentials they recommend everyone bring to the wilderness. This kit is perfect for camping, the car, or even to keep at home. 

This first aid kit is ideal for camping and small enough to keep one in your car at all times. You'll have more than 100 first aid and trauma supplies at hand in an organized, compact package. 

The StormProof first aid kit is designed to cover everything from emergencies to splinters. A watertight package keeps the medical materials safe from the elements and the compact design easily fits in any pack or car.

This compact weather station gives accurate readings of high/low and current temperature, humidity, and weather forecast. The face is buttonless, making a clean display while four buttons on the back control the whole station. Press the light in night mode to turn the white background on for 20 seconds to get your reading without waking up the campsite. 

Prices subject to change. 

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