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2022-09-17 11:58:51 By : Mr. Bruce Liu

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Find the best gifts for a student during the hectic season of college finals.

by: Camille Cabrera, BestReviews Staff

Find the best gifts for a student during the hectic season of college finals.

by: Camille Cabrera, BestReviews Staff

Studying for and taking college finals is stressful for students. Months of hard work and classes eventually lead up to finals that can vary in both time consumption and overall rigor. Each student learns and processes information at a different pace and style, so it’s extra important to recognize that finals are the official benchmarker to assess performance. Help college students stay on track with the proper tools to keep them on the path to success. 

College finals generally come at the end of a quarter or semester and symbolize the end of a course. Finals are intended to test the knowledge and tools accumulated over the intended amount of time for the class or classes and usually account for a significant number of points.

Typically, college students take more than one class at a time, so usually, there are multiple different finals within a short period. It’s important to remember that not all people test equally and the overall health of a student is more valuable than any single grade. Showing support and providing resources can help a college student feel more seen during a commonly stressful period. 

Finals can be a difficult time, so lending support with thoughtful gifts such as food and fun creative toys can help lighten the load. It’s important to keep in mind that brain fuel and light-hearted activities can help a college student de-stress and are equally as important as practical tools to better allow a person to pace themselves during finals and avoid burnout. 

Provide a fun care package stuffed with 60 tasty treats. Treats range from items such as Tootsie Pops and Quaker Chewy Bars. You can also send along a few encouraging words or a personal message.

This set of magnets includes more than 200 words that revolve around college life. Ideal for creating funny sentences on the fridge or motivating sayings before a final. The magnets are made in the United States of America and can be melded and combined with other sets to produce a larger magnetic word collection. 

Bean Box Gourmet Coffee Sampler

The bean box includes about half a pound of four different coffees. It includes the option of a personalized note that can add a motivational touch to the gift. It’s important to note that the coffee comes in the form of beans so it may not be ideal for all coffee lovers.

Pukka Herbs Tea Selection Luxury Gift Box

The gift box includes 45 sachets that hold a variety of different teas, such as Supreme Matcha Green and Night Time. It is vegetarian and also organically grown. The tea must be steeped in relatively hot water to bring out the flavor.

While studying or creating final projects, students may experience a variety of barriers such as poor lighting or a lagging computer. Here are a few substantial and practical tools to help promote a simpler process at a variety of price points. 

STMT Planner Set by Horizon Group USA

This planner set provides a visual and creative way to organize studying with items such as a pen and planner. The planner includes over 70 pages that can be customized with colored pens and stickers. Information can be organized from a daily to monthly level of detail.

Sold by Amazon and Macy’s

This set of 13 pads of sticky notes includes a variety of sizes and colors. The materials come from trees and forests that are responsibly managed. Sticky notes are ideal for visual learners that like to mark papers and books without having the concern of leaving a direct permanent trace on a page. 

This cordless lamp is rechargeable and comes with a USB-C cable. It comes in two different colors which are ideal to match an existing room aesthetic while also improving the lighting. The lamp can auto-dim and illuminate over 45 inches of possible desk space. 

Help boost the online and project-based capabilities of a college student with a laptop that has a screen that is larger than 17 inches and can function for about 10 hours with each charge. This laptop includes 16 GB of computer memory and also has built-in security features such as a physical cover for the camera.

Sold by Amazon and HP

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